2024 News

Mecwins’ First Industrial PhD Defense: Rodrigo Calvo Awarded Doctorate for Pioneering Biosensing Technology

We are thrilled to announce that Rodrigo Calvo has successfully defended his doctoral thesis within Mecwins’ Industrial Doctorate Program. This milestone marks the first thesis defended in our company, setting a high standard for future research and innovation.

Directed by Dr. Óscar Auhmada Heredero, CEO of Mecwins, and Dr. Miguel Manso Silván, Vice-Rector at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, the defense took place on May 31th. The thesis, titled “Development of New Microspectrophotometric Technology for Biomarker Detection Using Plasmonic Nanosensors,” was met with unanimous approval from the examining committee.

The committee was composed of esteemed professionals from various fields: Monserrat Calleja (Lead Researcher at IMN, CSIC), Emma Martín and Celia Tavarés (Professors and Researchers at UAM), Dorleta Jimenez (Lead Researcher at CICbiomagune), and Miguel Ángel Moreno (Genetics Head at Hospital Ramón y Cajal). The committee concluded that the thesis deserved a grade of Distinction, attesting to the quality of the work developed and awarding Rodrigo the title of Doctor.

The core of Rodrigo’s thesis is the creation and validation of AVAC Spectra, a microspectrophotometric tool based on Mecwins’ patented technology. AVAC Spectra utilizes the spectral signal of thousands of individual plasmonic nanosensors to detect biomarkers by analyzing the scattering signal of each nanosensor. This innovative technology excels in biomarker detection and proves to be a highly precise tool, with applications extending beyond medical diagnostics. This tool emerges as an affordable, user-friendly biosensing technology with the potential to rival established diagnostic methods.

For more information on this pioneering research and its implications for the future of diagnostics, stay tuned to our updates and join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement.