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Mecwins technology has the focus on the advancement of instrumentation for MEMS monitoring and characterization. We are happy to customize our technology for your specific application.

Scientific instrumentation: SCALA

SCALA is based on the combined action of an automated laser system and a photodetector (PSD). The laser system is capable of performing two-dimensional scans, while the PSD is used for the acquisition of the reflected beam on the observed sample. The combination of these elements makes it possible to perform accurate analysis of the topography of the surface analyzed. Simultaneously the dynamical behavior of moving MEMS can be studied.


Taking advantages of our versatile technology, Mecwins develops different products according to the needs of our customers. Scala is an instrument of interest in diversified fields, from NEMS characterization to clinical analysis. You can find at the following lines the most common configuration and technical specifications of our systems.




SCALA µini

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