AVAC  Technology

Optical Reader & Particle Counter

The plasmonic nanoparticles are optically detected by measuring the weak scattering signal with proprietary dark-field micro-spectrophotometry. (Patents EP19382244, EP19382245)


Single Particle Digital Counting

As each plasmonic nanoparticle binds specifically to a biomarker of interest, by classifying and counting the different nanoparticles it is possible to quantify the amount of each biomarker immobilized on the substrate. (pending EP19382245, EP19382244)


High sensitivity in the femtogram range has been demonstrated for different biomarkers


PSA, biomarker for prostate cancer recurrence detection.

Cardiac diseases

Troponin I, biomarker of reference for Myocardial Infarction.

Infectious diseases

P24 Biomarker for VIH detection.

Interleukin biomarkers (IL-10, IL-6, TNF-α)

Mecwins Total PSA Immunoassay

AVAC Technical Specifications

Spatial resolution Reading/Analysis Speed Throughput Multiplexing Capability User interface Computer Weight Dimensions (H x D x W)
0.7 µm (Diffraction-limited) Up to 20000 images per hour 96 samples in less tan 5 minutes Up to 5 biomarkers Integrated 15’’ touch screen for all in- and outputs Fully integrated high-performance computer 95 Kg 750 mm x 735 mm x 520 mm