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AVAC platform, a key component for ultra-sensitive biomarker detection, receives the CE Marking

Mecwins proudly announces the completion of compliance testing and the addition of the CE Mark to its innovative AVAC Research Use Only (RUO) platform, marking a milestone for the development of highly sensitive immunoassay clinical diagnostic technologies. This achievement enables the commercialization in Europe of the platform, which is a key part of Mecwins’ technology that promises to significantly improve the early detection of diseases.

Madrid, April 4, 2024. Mecwins, the leading Spanish biomedical technology company and spin-off of the Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology of Madrid (IMN-CSIC), has achieved a significant milestone with the recent Declaration of Conformity and the incorporation of the CE Mark to its revolutionary platform, AVAC. This recognition not only validates the instrument’s compliance with European Union safety standards, but also highlights its potential to radically change the landscape of medical diagnostics.

After protecting the intellectual property of AVAC technology through multiple patents in Europe and the rest of the world (US11519843B2, US11519856B2, EP3719477B1 and US10281330B2), Mecwins has incorporated the CE Mark to its AVAC platform, representing a crucial step for the company, allowing its introduction in the European market.


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