Medical applications

Mecwins uses its own technology to produce ultrahigh sensitive immunoassays for oncology, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.


Mecwins, innovation in nanomechanics for biotechnology

More than 7 years developing nanotools to help scientists to do high impact research. Mecwins differentiates two main lines of business according to the final application developed using our proprietary technology: advanced scientific instrumentation for MEMS characterization and medical diagnostic kits for ultrasensitive detection of protein biomarkers in clinical diagnosis.


Characterize your MEMS

Mecwins technology has the focus on the advancement of instrumentation for MEMS monitoring and characterization. We are happy to customize our technology for your specific application.


Medical Applications

Mecwins technology is based on a combination of nanomechanical sensing and plasmonic emission with a sandwich immunoassay. The detection limit achieved with our technology is at least one million lower than that achieved in routine clinical practice.

Scientific Instrumentation

Mecwins offers an optical platform for MEMS characterization using its proprietary technology. This technique has been implemented in a robust instrument, named SCALA, a complete tool to characterize your devices in air, liquid and vacuum environments.


We think high. Together with our in-house expertise, Mecwins applies the latest advancements of Nanotechnology in the Sensors field with the mission of helping scientists and physicians to reach the unbelievable


Mecwins team is comprised of experienced scientists and technicians. We aim to combine knowledge and expertise from different fields to provide innovative tools for research and analysis in life sciences. 50% of our team has a PhD degree.


The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) protects our technology and our innovative method to detect biomolecules. Mecwins possesses exclusive licenses for several patents, since the technology thereby protected is usable in many applications, from microelectronics to biomedicine.

Main Investors

Since our establishment in 2008, we have forged strong relationships with several investors focus on the long-term value creation. They are the heart of our business and together with our scientific promoters (Dr. Javier Tamayo, Dr. Montserrat Calleja and Dr. Priscila Kosaka) help Mecwins to achieve its ambitious goals.

News and Events

Scientific developments never stop and neither can we. Explore the latest news and recent events in the world of Mecwins.

4 December, 2020

Our scientific promoter Prof. Javier Tamayo ranked among the top 2% most-cited researchers in the world

Our scientific promoter Prof. Javier Tamayo, leader of the Bionanomechanics Lab from the Institute of Micro…
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3 December, 2020

Mecwins continues to sponsor “Club Triatlón Canto Blanco”

Mecwins is still one of the proud sponsors of Club Triatlón Canto Blanco. The club's intention is…
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26 November, 2020

Mecwins’ scientist, Dr. Teresa Ramón, was granted with the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Award from the University of Granada

Dr. Teresa Ramon, our dear Senior Scientist from the Biosciences Department, was granted by the…
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