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Mecwins AVAC technology: a window opened on the world of proteins.


Thursday´s NanoSpin-off Talks

  • Speaker: Noemí Marina. Researcher, Bioscience Department. Mecwins
  • May 30th

  • 12:00 h

  • Online by Zoom and Presential (Aula I+D Building)

To be able to detect and quantify low-abundance proteins in biofluids for applications such as early disease diagnostics, highly sensitive detection methods are required. At Mecwins we apply the latest advancements in nanotechnology together with our in-house expertise, to help scientists and physicians reach the unreachable in the diagnostic field.

The subject of my talk will be Mecwins AVAC technology, a revolutionary digital technology able to count single protein molecules, to achieve ultra-high sensitivity, several orders of magnitude better than conventional immunoassays, remarkable throughput, multiplexing and a broad dynamic range.