2023 News

Mecwins and QuidelOrtho announce major breakthrough in nanotechnology published in prestigious journal Nanomaterials

In a remarkable example of scientific collaboration, Mecwins and QuidelOrtho have achieved a significant milestone in nanotechnology with their latest research published in the prestigious journal Nanomaterials. This collaborative effort has led to innovative advances in the design and analysis of multifunctional plasmonic magnetic nanoparticles (mGNPs), demonstrating their potential in the biological detection of protein biomarkers. Such a development promises to revolutionize several fields, including bioimaging, hyperthermal therapies, and targeted drug delivery.

The mGNPs at the heart of this research were produced by Nanocomposix, a leading company known for its high-quality nanomaterials. Their involvement was critical in advancing this study. Interested readers can access more detailed information at Nanomaterials Journal.

This prestigious achievement stems from an ongoing co-development project between Mecwins and Quidel-Ortho, which was initiated in December 2019. This alliance focuses on leveraging Mecwins’ AVAC technology and Quidel’s expertise in point-of-care (POC) assay and cartridge development, to create a new ultrasensitive POC technology.

As Mecwins and Quidel Ortho continue their pioneering work, this release is just the beginning of a series of anticipated innovations. These advances will redefine patient care for generations to come and pave the way for future breakthroughs in medical technology and diagnostics.