In the field of fervent nanotechnology, Mecwins has introduced a revolutionary platform named SCALA (Scanning Laser Analyzer) to detect with nanometer resolution surface stress and vibration of hundreds of micromechanical sensors while allowing a control of the environment.

SCALA is a modular platform. The basic platform consists of an optical scanner with a climatic chamber (temperature and humidity control). Static characterization of 2D profiles, resonant frequency determination through thermal noise, and single-point measurements are all possible with the basic platform.

In addition to the basic platform, SCALA can be equipped with 3 modules:

  • Dynamics module
  • Liquids measurements module
  • 3D imaging module

The aim of this modular design is to aid researchers in many diverse fields, such as materials science, biochemistry, medical diagnosis, MEMS developers, food science, etc. to adapt the technology to ongoing research, while having an instrument versatile enough to meet future needs as research evolves and changes.