2016 News


Delft (The Netherlands) – 22nd to 24th of June, 2016

Our colleagues from Bioscience Department (Dr. Virginia Cebrián and Dr. Cristina Gómez Abad) and from Engineering Department (Dr. Andreas Thon and Dr. Valerio Pini) will attend the next International Workshop on Nanomechanical Sensing to be held in Delft from 22nd to 24th of June. This 13th edition of the NMC conference focusses on interdisciplinary research related to nanoscale sensors. The workshop topics include: Instrumentation, Biological sensors, Chemical sensors, Theoretical modelling of sensors, Micro and nano fabrication, Optomechanics and Novel sensing platforms. The special focus in 2016 will be on nano mechanical instrumentation..

Further information about the conference by clicking here.