2016 News

New granted patent

It has been granted a patent which is being developed at Bionanomechanics Lab from IMM-CSIC (In ES2553027_patente_biodeteccion stituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid) by the research group led by Dr. Javier Tamayo and Dr. Montse Calleja.

The invention relates to a System for biodetection applications, which comprises two basic elements, a substrate having a functionalised surface, and a nanoparticle, and which can strengthen the plasmonic effect of the nanoparticle. The invention also relates to a bio-sensor that includes said system, and to the method for detecting and quantifying a target analyte selected in a sample using said system. The invention further relates to a device that can detect the strengthened opto-plasmonic effect of the nanoparticles using the system according to the invention, or combine the detection of said opto-plasmonic effect with the analysis of the changes in the mechanical characteristics of the substrate.