2023 News

Mecwins’ Pioneering Study Published in Nanomaterials

Mecwins, is pleased to announce the publication of a groundbreaking study in the prestigious journal Nanomaterials:

“Amplitude-Resolved Single Particle Spectrophotometry: A Robust Tool for High-Throughput Size Characterization of Plasmonic Nanoparticles” by: Rodrigo Calvo, Valerio Pini, Andreas Thon, Asis Saad, Antonio Salvador-Matar, Miguel Manso-Silván and Óscar Ahumada.

The study presents a novel method, AR-SPS, to characterize the size of plasmonic nanoparticles with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

The AR-SPS method, as described in the paper, utilizes the scattered emission amplitude, which sets it apart from other techniques. Not only does it offer superior accuracy, throughput, and speed, but its measurement bias is only 2.8% compared to the gold standard of electron microscopy.

Mecwins' Pioneering Study Published in Nanomaterials

Schematic drawing of the AR-SPS experimental setup; the sample imaging is performed in reflection mode, while the sample spectrophotometry is performed in transmission mode


But what really sets AR-SPS apart is its versatility. The method is able to adapt to all kinds of shapes and compositions of plasmonic nanoparticle materials. This adaptability ensures that AR-SPS can be easily integrated into any research or synthesis laboratory.

Given the critical importance of accurate and rapid nanoparticle size characterization in fields ranging from materials science to biotechnology and nanomedicine, AR-SPS is poised to become an extremely useful tool. Its introduction marks a significant step forward in nanoparticle research, offering a compelling alternative that promises to revolutionize the way we understand and work with nanomaterials.