2018 News

Mecwins gets new patent granted in USA

Mecwins today announced that a new method of use patent for characterization of nano- and micromechanical strcutures has been granted by the United States Patent Office.

The patent, entitled Method and system for characterization of nano- and micromechanical structures (patent number 9,829,427), provides a method and system in optical microscopy based on the deflection of micro- and nanomechanical structures, upon impact of a laser beam thereon, which simultaneously and automatically provides a spatial map of the static deflection and of the form of various vibration modes, with vertical resolution in the subangstrom range. The invention comprises at least one mechanical structure, an incident laser beam sweeping the surface of the structure, an optometric detector for capturing the laser beam, and frequency excitation means that generate at least two sinusoidal signals at different frequencies in the mechanical structure.