2021 News

Developing ‘Highly Sensitive’ Plasmonic Testing Tech

Mecwins Developing ‘Highly Sensitive’ Plasmonic Testing Tech for Laboratories, Point of Care

Madrid-based company Mecwins, born as a spin-off company of Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology (Spanish National Research Council) is developing in vitro diagnostic tests with a revolutionary plasmon-based technology, called AVAC, which enables the individual digital counting of proteins, RNA and DNA biomarkers on a single platform with extraordinary sensitivity and very high throughput.

At the current stage, AVAC technology is more suitable for use in in hospital laboratories because it would be enable the testing of hundreds of samples each day. However, the firm recently inked an agreement with San Diego-based Quidel to enable the licensing and codevelopment of its technology also for point-of-care applications.