2015 News

Business Development in US & Canada

We have recently visited United States and Canada to introduce our technology to potential customers. Mecwins has installed one machine at Albany in order to show the technology working to the people interested in SCALA.

During this business trip, we have travelled to Bromont (Canada) to visit some research groups at C2MI (MiQro Innovation Collaborative Center) where we could show SCALA working and run some samples from different research groups. We took the opportunity of showing the capabilities of SCALA for MEMS characterization, a key application for the multiple partners of C2MI as Teledyne-Dalsa, Sherbrooke University or IBM. It was a pleasure learning more about the research activities at C2MI and the industrial applications developed inside its laboratory.

Some days after our Canada experience, we travelled to Ithaca (US) to visit some people at Cornell University. A couple of seminars were given and we made some demos of our system. We had the opportunity of visiting the frenetic activity in the clean room of CNF (Cornell Nanoscale Science & Technology Facility) and had productive discussions with CNF Director of Operations Donald Tennant. During our visit to CNF, we also gave a seminar and made a demo of our SCALA platform. You can see more details by clicking here.

A special thanks to our North America representative LaMar Hill, who has supported and helped us during this commercial action.