Mecwins’ technology is based on sandwich immunoassays. This method relies on two very specific antibodies that recognize the analyte being searched for. One antibody is immobilized on the surface and captures the analyte directly from the sample under interrogation. The second antibody is tethered to a gold nanoparticle and also finds the analyte on the surface.

The devices translating this biochemical process into a measurable signal (the Mecwins’ nanosensors) work as resonating devices, that (similar to guitar strings) vibrate frequencies that depend on the mass and elasticity of adsorbates. They work as a very sensitive balance that “weighs” the mass of adsorbates.

Mecwins’ nanosensors have also been designed to hold hybrid plasmonic modes. This means that gold nanoparticles adsorbed onto their surface also produce an optical signal that has an intensity which is at least 10 times brighter than that expected on a conventional surface.

Mecwins nanosensors are arranged in a 96 well plate format for easy handling and for automatization of the sandwich assays. Each well can contain several nanosensors for multiplexed detection of different analytes.

The detection limit achieved with our technology is at least one million lower than that achieved in routine clinical practice. The ultrasensitive detection will enable early detection of a wide range of diseases with established diagnostic biomarkers from a droplet of blood. Infectious diseases as HIV, early stage recurrence in prostate cancer after surgery or myocardial ischemia are only some examples.

Ongoing clinical trials

We have made a selection of 3 diseases as the initial test group for clinical validation procedure, based on two criteria: higher incidence rate and impact of higher sensitivity in the diagnostic procedure. Mecwins has already established agreements with hospitals for clinical trials Review our list of current clinical trials for further information.

Some diseases and corresponding biomarkers for which we are already making the clinical validation of our technology:

  • Oncology: 
    • Prostate cancer (recurrence after surgery) – PSA
    • Lung, breast, pancreatic, colon – CEA.
  • Cardiovascular Diseases: Myocardial ischemia (coronary artery disease) – TnI.
  • Infectious Diseases: HIV – p24.