New publication by Prof. Carlos Alemán using SCALA-CAL

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Departament d’Enginyeria Química and Barcelona Research Center for Multiscale Science and Engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in collaboration with Laboratoire de Chimie Physique des Biomolecules  (University of Namur, Belgium) today announced the publication of the results for the thermomechanical response of a reprACSOmega_2018esentative porin used for the fabrication of smart biomimetic nanomembranes. These samples have been characterized using microcantilever technology and SCALA-CAL platform chosen for measuring and comparing with standard proteins. The work was co-authored by UPC professor Carlos Alemán along with Maximilien Lopes-Rodrigues, Anna Puiggalí-Jou, Didac Martí-Balleste and Luis J. del Valle from UPC, in collaboration with Catherine Michaux and Eric A. Perpète, both of University of Namur (Belgium).

Source: “Thermomechanical Response of a Representative Porin for Biomimetics”
Maximilien Lopes-Rodrigues, Anna Puiggalí-Jou, Didac Martí-Balleste, Luis J. del Valle, Catherine Michaux, Eric A. Perpète, and Carlos Alemán. ACS Omega 2018 3 (7), 7856-7867
DOI: 10.1021/acsomega.8b00463

Mecwins makes its first sale in China

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SCALA miniWe are very pleased to announce the sale of our first SCALA equipment in China. After some years of hard work and fantastic collaboration with our Beijing-based Sales Agent “GermanTech“, a equipment was installed in Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry. For Mecwins, this is a starting point of introducing our cutting edge technology in the Chinese market, increasing the visibility of our brand and products.

Researchers from Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry purchases the last version of our SCALA µini, the ideal instrument for single-chip characterization.

For further information about this product, please visit our website by clicking here.

New publication in collaboration with UAM

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A new paper of our team members and scientists from UAM, appeared recently:

C. Rodriguez, O. Ahumada, V. Cebrian, V. Torres Costa and M. Manso Silvan, “Biofunctional porous silicon micropatterns engineered through visible light activated epoxy capping and selective plasma etching“, Vacuum 150 (2018) 232-238.

The authours provides results which confirm the effectiveness of GPTMS capped PSi as adsorptive layer for immunosensing.

Mecwins gets new patent granted in USA

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Mecwins today announced that a new method of use patent for characterization of nano- and micromechanical strcutures has been granted by the United States Patent Office.

The patent, entitled Method and system for characterization of nano- and micromechanical structures (patent number 9,829,427), provides a method and system in optical microscopy based on the deflection of micro- and nanomechanical structures, upon impact of a laser beam thereon, which simultaneously and automatically provides a spatial map of the static deflection and of the form of various vibration modes, with vertical resolution in the subangstrom range. The invention comprises at least one mechanical structure, an incident laser beam sweeping the surface of the structure, an optometric detector for capturing the laser beam, and frequency excitation means that generate at least two sinusoidal signals at different frequencies in the mechanical structure.

Congratulations, Chloé on successfully defending your dissertation!

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On December 12, Chloé Rodriguez defended her dissertation to earn her doctoral degree. Please join us in congratulating Chloé for successfully defending her dissertation, ‘HUMIDITY EFFECTS AT THE ORGANIC/POROUS SILICON SENSOR INTERFACE’, partly developed at Mecwins facilities using our technology for biosensing. It was a pleasure having such a professional, talented and excellent colleague during the time she was working with us, she will be an asset to any organization.
Congrats Dr. Chloé Rodriguez and best of luck as you advance in your career!



Mecwins best oral presentation award

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Mecwins has funded an oral presentation award to an early stage researcher attending Biointerfaces session at RIVA-X conference.

The Mecwins Award consists of a certificate and a cash prize of 300 EUR. According to the elegibility rules, the prize must recognize the scientific contribution of an early stage researcher reflected on an oral presentation. Among the eligible candidates, the prize was awarded to Chloé Rodríguez from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) in recognition to her contribution entitled “Impedance biosensor interface based on nanostructured porous silicon“.


Mecwins attended 69th AACC Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo

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The Annual Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo (AACC) is the world’s largest community of clinical laboratory scientists. Mecwins, as one of the players offering an ultrasensitive technology for protein detection, has attended the 69th AACC scheduled to be held from July 30 – August 3, 2017 at San Diego, CA USA.

Mecwins’ representatives, Oscar Ahumada and Rosalía Calleja, had very interesting and fruitful meetings with representatives from global leaders in clinical chemistry, diagnostics and medical devices who showed strong interest in moving forward and keep on discussing a possible partnership.

Mecwins is proud member of the American Association of Chemical Chemistry and AACC annual meeting is one of our can’t-miss events.


Mecwins enters agreement with VIJASES for promotion of SCALA in Southeast Asia

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Mecwins has entered into an agreement with VIJASES (Viet Nhat Science Equipment and Services), giving Vijases the ability to promote SCALA in Southeast Asia. Vijases, headquarted in Hanoi, is a company specialized in science and technical consulting, providing scientific instrumentation and transferring their know-how about Electronic Technology in Vietnam. Under this agreement, Vijases will promote Mecwins technology not inly in Vietnam, as in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

About Viet Nhat Science Equipment and Services Company Limited – Vijases Co., Ltd
VIJASES is known as a reliable partner of many oversea technology firms as well as domestic companies.

Combining Demands and Resources in home with foreign modern sciences and technologies, we always make a great effort to bring customers not only the best products at the most reasonable price but also the best customer services and support.

Our vision is to be one of the most reliable and professional partners in consulting, providing science equipment, training and transferring Electronic Technology in Vietnam.

Provide optimal solutions which bring customers the most modern, appropriate technology
Continuously enhance staff‘s knowledge and skills in order to provide customers with professional services.
Build up working environment with friendliness and solidarity.



Pleased to be part of NACENTECH project

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IMG-20170524-WA0013IMG-20170524-WA0009During these days, our General Manager Dr. Oscar Ahumada and Head of SCALA Manufacturing, Mr. Antonio Salvador are supporting intallation and training of one of our systems SCALA in Hanoi. Mecwins is really proud of being part of innovative project NACENTECH (National Center for Technological Progress). NACENTECH’s missions are to research and apply new high technologies by acquiring advanced technologies, renovating and mastering technologies, creating and transferring technology by satisfying requirements of modernization and industrialization, ensuring Vietnamese national defense. NACENTECH has successfully maintained and developed the cooperation relationship with countries all over the world receiving several awards during the last years.


We hope that Mecwins technology may contribute to improve this great research activity. We are extremely happy to be involved in such exciting project. We so highly appreciate the kindness and hospitality of researchers at our arrival. For further information about the project, please click here. You can also look at information regarding our stay in NACENTECH by clicking here (available only in Vietnamese).IMG-20170522-WA0002

We also want to thank to people from Acetech for their support during installation and training of SCALA. Thank you so much for taking care of our team during their stay in Hanoi. Vietnamese people are really frienly and, as in our past visits to the country, willing to come back to Vietnam.